Handmade Loofah Sponges

Enjoy your bath or shower with a soap pouch to increase lather and exfoliation. Each pouch is handmade by me using my homegrown Texan organic Loofah. They’re 6”x3.5”x1” and will fit perfectly around one of our soap bars or a standard bar of soap. Use it for a new bar of soap or to gather all of those little soap slivers hanging around in your soap dish. This pouch will also extend the longevity of your soap as it will allow your soap bar to fully dry out between washings. Feel free to throw the soap pouch in the washing machine in warm water at any time for a deep cleaning (although we do not think it is necessary as it is constantly cleaned in the shower). When you get your pouch soak it in warm water to make it easier to tuck your bar of soap inside the pouch. Very limited availability. When they’re gone, you will have to wait until next year for our next harvest & production. Each pouch includes a Soapologist bar of soap.


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